Wednesday, February 12, 2014

July 5th, 1894 thru July 6th, 1894

I will not be transcribing each entry since most of Bert's diary is pretty clear. You can read the original more easily by clicking on the image above to view a larger version. I will be including this paragraph, or something similar in each entry so that new readers will know they can click the image to enlarge it for easier reading. Also, there will be some links to the right of the page with relevant information that may be of interest. If you follow Bert's diary regularly, you can skip this paragraph. My notes will include the basics of what Bert talks about each day, along with my own personal thoughts, research, information gleaned from past or future entries, etc. If you have information or suggestions that may help my research, please e-mail me.
Thursday, July 5th, 1894 - Bert put Paris Green on the potatoes till around 9AM.  He then spent some time splitting wood, and then off to Mr. Hiller's to borrow another sifter, and then helped Russell load some straw bales at Mr. Avery's.  Then back home to poison potato bugs till chore time.

Friday, July 6th, 1894 - morning chores followed by churning some butter.  Hoed the garden, and then hitched up the stone bolt to haul a barrel of water to the potato patch.  Not sure why.  He then "went poisoning potatoe bugs till noon".  Afternoon spent cultivating corn and potatoes at Milo Dye's place.

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