Monday, February 7, 2011

April 24 thru April 25, 1894

If you follow Bert's diary regularly, you can skip this paragraph. I will not be transcribing each entry since most of Bert's diary is pretty clear. You can read the original more easily by clicking on the image above to view a larger version. I will be including this paragraph, or something similar in each entry so that new readers will know they can click the image to enlarge it for easier reading. Also, there will be some links to the right of the page with relevant information that may be of interest. My notes will include the basics of what Bert talks about each day, along with my own personal thoughts, research, information gleaned from past or future entries, etc. If you have information or suggestions that may help my research, please e-mail me.

Monday, April 24, 1894 --- Chores as always, with rain all morning and some of the afternoon. Bert went up to E. Haynerr's, and helped "change" some oats. (not sure what that means?) Bert then took Ned down to Milo Dye's for him to go to L. D. Foxes funeral. I think Ned is one of the horses. Bert evidently stayed at Milo Dye's place, and "picked over seed potatoes" until Milo got back home. He then came back home to Russell Dye's place and he and Rus went down to Mr. Avery's place and got a load of oat straw.

Tuesday, April 25, 1894 ---- A nice bright sunny day, and Bert and Russell pick stone all morning and part of the afternoon. They then packed up 8 bushels of good potatoes, and Russell took them to Naples to sell. Bert set up hop poles till night, and then did the chores. (I almost thought chores weren't going to be mentioned today?)

Side note - I've gotten a great book on the history of growing hops in the US, and am very excited about it. I've just started reading it, but have already discovered that for a while, this part of New York State was the main hop growing region of the US. (Eastern finger lakes region east to the foot hills of the Catskills) I'll write more about this when I get some more information under my belt. Much thanks to my friend Marty who told me about this book, and also was the one who found this diary.

Title: Tinged with gold : hop culture in the United States / Michael A. Tomlan.

Published: Athens : University of Georgia Press, c1992.