Thursday, November 7, 2013

June 23rd, 1894 thru June 24th, 1894

I will not be transcribing each entry since most of Bert's diary is pretty clear. You can read the original more easily by clicking on the image above to view a larger version. I will be including this paragraph, or something similar in each entry so that new readers will know they can click the image to enlarge it for easier reading. Also, there will be some links to the right of the page with relevant information that may be of interest. If you follow Bert's diary regularly, you can skip this paragraph. My notes will include the basics of what Bert talks about each day, along with my own personal thoughts, research, information gleaned from past or future entries, etc. If you have information or suggestions that may help my research, please e-mail me.

Saturday, June 23rd, 1894 - Another hot day, and Bert cultivated potatoes until 5 o'clock, on Russell's place, and then they tinkered around in the barn till chore time. (I'm finding myself confused about the time in some of Bert's entries.  I think I'm remembering another day recently when he did something till 5, and then did more stuff later?)  After chores, he and Russell went to Naples, where Bert got a pair of shoes for $1.50. and a 5 cent glass of soda  water.

Sunday, June 24th, 1894 - "Hot as dutch love"  This phrase I was able to find - not sure of the exact origin, but it evidently was commonly used - see postcard below!
Bert goes back over to Uncle Robert's place, and  takes Allie back home.  Allie (Alice) is Uncle Robert Burnett's daughter - Bert's niece - age 19.  Uncle Robert is Bert's mother's brother.  Leman Babcock was over at Robert's place, and Bert brought him back home - in the rain.  Bert complains about getting his new buggy muddy! He has only had it about a month.

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